Today we present our very first story of faith. We would appreciate hearing how it impacts you.

                                                                    Godsent Vibes

In my walk with the Lord, I have seen His hand numerous times as I trusted Him.

  A classic case is that of 2008, when Zimbabwe experienced hyperinflation and went through an awful economic meltdown. I was in my final year at the University of Zimbabwe and was looking forward to finishing my degree. As the zeros multiplied on our bearer cheques (the currency at the time), the rentals also escalated rapidly until I couldn’t afford the dues. I left decent lodgings and went ‘squatting’ in a disused building that was awaiting renovations, with my sister-friend.
   The supposed ‘good Samaritan’ told us the dos and don’ts.
   “Listen guys, you can’t be seen in these premises during the day. Stay out! Return when it’s dark! And, keep your bags packed – in case you have to flee!”

That sounded like bed and breakfast style except there was no breakfast there. So, daily after lectures at the College of Health Sciences at Parirenyatwa Hospital, I would read in the library or walk into town and window shop until sunset. I took comfort in my favourite Scripture: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3:5,6 (NIV).
   One day as I walked from school to town, who did I bump into? My cousin Linda who I had last seen in 2005.  Boy! Were we glad to meet! She invited me to her house.
   “Porsh, you are a godsend mzala!  I’m off to America soon, and I desperately need someone to take care of my flat while I’m gone. I’ll stock up the fridge. How is that?”
   Wow! Were my ears hearing right? Who was a godsend? My heart sang and danced. I could not wait to share the news with my friend. Meanwhile, she had been agonising about how to break some bad news, that she and another friend had found a flat to rent in the Avenues. She worried that I could not afford the rentals. We shared our good news and thanked God for providence. The news brought relief to my parents too.
   The University at that point announced that anyone sitting for the examinations had to pay at least USD$100. My parents could not secure those funds. They worked hard to support us, but it was tough for them. I had a brother doing ‘O’ Levels who also needed exam fees.
   One night, I joined some Church ladies going to Bindura mountain for prayers. My one prayer request was for US$100 so I could pay and sit for my exams. At that time, I had switched from Yahoo-mail to Gmail. So, I hardly checked my Yahoo emails. That week I just checked my Yahoo mail. There were emails from a friend who lives in Poland who had been sending messages to check on me. I responded, telling her my fees crisis. She quickly asked how much I needed. The very next week she sent me a MoneyGram message.
   I could not believe I was a recipient of a US$100 bill! Joy bubbled in my heart! The accommodation prayer was answered. Prayer for fees had just been answered. I could not stop praising and thanking God! While I rejoiced, a thought suddenly popped into my head. My little brother needed fees too. He had also requested to use my calculator. It did not take me long to make a decision. Off went the US$100 bill to my brother, and the calculator I also needed for my own examinations. That, despite my mother protesting that I should settle my own fees. I was at peace with my decision.
   When my friend checked on me, I thanked her profusely for the money and confessed that I had passed the funds to my needy brother instead. When she read the message, she sent another US$150. Wow! Did God love only me, I wondered! I praised the Lord and sat for my examinations. Both my brother and I passed well. My brother had 9As and I got an upper second class.
   Coincidence? Or God’s amazing grace? Or quite simply ‘God-sent vibes’?

   He IS a God who keeps on doing great things as we trust in Him!
(Portia Ngwenya is married with two boys. She is a Medical laboratory scientist at CIMAS Medical labs. She graduated with an Honours degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences and has just achieved a Masters, in Medical Microbiology)

This is all for today beloved. Look out for our second story of faith in two week’s time. If you feel a prompting to do a story of faith, in English, Ndebele or Shona, do not hesitate. A child of God will benefit from your encouragement in the Lord.

Sesikhangele iviki elizayo ngokubonga. Ukhona umusa wansuku zonke kumaviki onke. Asikhuthazane kuyole inkundla sifudumale sibunine ububi obusihanqileyo.

Lezimbongi zikaMthwakazi ziza lazo izinkondlo. Woz’ ubukele ukugiya kwazo ngolimi uncinde. Funda, ukholise, uqumbaqumbeke lawe wenze.

Gogo Nkala