Times are hard! Many people cannot make ends meet. Unemployment is unprecedented. Those who go to work do not earn enough. The prices of fuel and basic commodities soar every day. This economic meltdown in 2019 is reminiscent of what occurred in 2007/2008. I never dreamt the events of those years would visit us again so soon. The only consolation I have as I face each day with confidence is my stone pillar.
In the book of Joshua 4, we witness the Israelite nation crossing the Jordan. The Lord said to Joshua, “Choose twelve men from among the people, one from each tribe, and tell them to take up twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan, from right where the priests are standing, and carry them over with you and put them down at the place where you stay tonight” Joshua 4:2,3. The stones were to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever; a reminder of the miracle of crossing the river Jordan on dry ground.
God’s faithfulness cannot be doubted, though at times when we are in a nasty situation, or troubled, it is difficult to remember that God who has done it for us before can do it again. So, even as things are tough, I like to remind myself and family of God’s faithfulness in the past. He can do the miracle again and we shall survive.
I can never forget the hand of God and how my faith was stirred up in 2008 in Harare, Zimbabwe. The country was going through a turbulent time with no goods in the shops, unprecedented hyper-inflation, and daily if not hourly price increases. It was in this environment that our telecommunications business was trying to survive the economic storm. Part of that survival quest meant trying to preserve a customer database with ever evolving needs, as they also tried to maintain and remain in business.
During that time, to get a new business order was very rare, let alone acquiring a significant chunk of business project. But, by God’s grace, one huge customer requirement landed on us, and while there was major excitement at this sizable order, there was also a lot of trepidation as I knew we did not have the material required to fill the order. Normally, we would have needed to import the raw material, but in this Zimbabwe, foreign currency was a rare commodity, and only available in the black market at a premium! Our normal supplier in South Africa was weary of the Zimbabwe Situation and so, was not willing to risk any supply arrangement without money up front. While our God-sent customer had committed to the order and put down a significant deposit, they would only finish payment on delivery.
I vividly remember agonizing over the situation, then I said a prayer of surrender, “Lord, you gave us this business, and I am trusting you to enable us to deliver timeously.” After that, I put on an attitude of prayerfulness and belief. I banished any needling doubts, giving no room to fear or failure. I believed God gave the opportunity and as such he must know how we would deliver.
God’s hand was not slow to act. It was out of the blue that within a few days, a local supplier that we worked with from time to time said they had material available that one of their huge customers had rejected as it was the wrong product. “Would you like to buy this material from us? It just will be too expensive to send it back to the supplier.” Did I hear right? The material we needed was right here, at our doorstep! To crown it all, the supplier was willing to accept payment in local currency, and the cherry on the cake was they would give us conducive payment terms. This was nothing short of a miracle.
God has moved in my life before, a lot of times, and continues to. But this was the most vivid and crystal-clear miracle after a prayer of surrender and faith I had ever experienced. Suffice to say, I was ecstatic and overwhelmed at the same time. In tough times, I look back and remember God’s faithfulness, and so believe that he can do it again. It is inspiring and encouraging to read testimonies, but it is even better to live out one for yourself. It really is amazing and powerful to see God at work in one’s own life. That moment has become my stone pillar.

Ndabenhle Zibusiso Nkala is married to Tendayi and they have three precious children. He is the Access Network Manager at Telco.

Limqotho elithi ukufunda akupheli! Isibili kuzaphela mhla umhlaba lo uphelayo lawo. Ngakho, sisaphila, asifundeni kwabanye, sicotshe empilweni lokho okusisizayo, okusiphakamisayo, okusakhayo, okusibusisayo! Mina lezizinkondlo uMthwakazi agiya ngazo, lamazwi oMbhalo abonisa umusa weNkosi wansukuzonke, lezindaba zokholo lezi ezitshengisa uthando lokwethembeka kukaNkulunkulu lokusebenza kwakhe ezimpilweni zethu ngendlela eyisimanga, ziyangibusisa kakhulu. Ziphakamisa umphefumulo wami.  Zingenza ngibe ngumuntu ongcono insuku zonke. Wena olesiphiwo sokuloba, dobha usiba lwakho ulobe. Qoqoda umtshina wakho sizwe ukuthi eyakho imicabango lemizwa kusifundisani. Kusikholisisa ngandlela bani.  Ungakhohlwa, esalela muva ithiwa xhaka yizinja! Asihlanganeni njalo kuviki elizayo.Ngiyalithanda, njalo ngiyabonga!

Gogo Nkala